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Becoming Vegan is one of the most important decisions i have made in my life. It was the start of an ongoing transformation outside and inside of myself.

On the outside i have a better complexion, feel more energetic and have less stomach upsets.

On the inside i feel happier, more content and more secure. I also feel more tolerant, more appreciated and more modest. For some of those feelings i have some analytical thoughts to share but not yet for all.

I feel more content because i do not require as much food quantity or variety to satisfy my needs.

I feel more secure because by striving to not harm other beings i feel that i will not be harmed as well.

I feel more modest because i realize that a less developed creature has similar rights to mine and must be respected.

I feel more tolerant because i have made note of the many years during which i was unconsciously causing pain and suffering, realizing that others are probably also not aware of their misconceived behavior.

These are but a very few of the priceless benefits that i mention and there are many more as well and certainly many more to come…..