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Meat or Protein?

Meat or Protein?

I have been asking myself this question very seriously since some time now. I need to mention that I spent most of my life being a ferocious meat eater until I became a happy and lucky Vegan recently. When I became Vegan I quickly noticed the big impact that the absence of meat in my diet had on me. I was constantly hungry and eating lots of bananas did not help much.

Since I knew that meats were very rich in protein I decided to increase my daily intake of protein by supplementing with protein shakes, bars and textured protein samples I had available. I wanted to see if it would curb my persistent hunger. Well it did, and I started to measure my daily intake in grams of protein since all the other food I ate, mostly fruits and vegetables, did not provide very significant levels. I also avoided nuts to keep from gaining too much weight.

Gradually things stabilized and by consuming 150 grams of plant protein per day I was feeling very much like my former ferocious self. This led me to start thinking about how much of the meat I used to eat was for the meat and how much of it was for the protein in the meat.

Over time I observed that the relationship is very close and when for some reason I was not getting my 150 grams daily I was starting to feel hungry all the time and since high protein vegan foods are not easily available when outside I was turning to nuts and bread and other low in protein foods which was having an energy draining effect on me.

So, my conclusion is that in my case much of the craving for meat was a craving for protein in disguise. But it cannot be that simple, so I started to look further for other factors that could explain why I used to crave a crispy, juicy, grilled, greasy and seasoned piece of meat……