Meat or Steak?

Since I recently became Vegan there is still the taste of grilled meat and especially pepper steak with french fries still fresh in my memory. I became Vegan for several reasons but mainly because I felt that following a more empathetic and environment friendly life style is a good thing for me and not at all because meat had a bad taste!

I started thinking about If there was a way to have the same pleasure without eating meat. So as a first step I tried to recall the feeling in my mouth of eating a piece of grilled steak with some pepper sauce and mustard. The sensations that came most to my mind is the spicy notes of mustard and pepper covered in a creamy taste of the sauce and a salty, bitter, stiff and tender taste in the background of the meat all rounded up with the smell of grilled food.

Together I think it created what I wanted to feel when I felt like eating a pepper steak. To note I am just speaking about wanting a steak and leaving aside the fact that I wanted to eat meat as a source of low carb protein or any other nutrition-based considerations. In view of this it was easy for me to conclude that a pepper steak is a combination of various sensations. Also, when all those elements are well balanced it produces a more satisfying meal result. The reason why all pepper steaks are not born equal!

So, if I could somehow replace the piece of raw meat with some similar substance, add to it all the sensations, close my eyes and chew a mouthful of that mixture I should be able to enjoy a Vegan pepper steak. So, it seems that the piece of raw meat in the context of a grilled pepper steak is not the most important item since most of the other elements are not meat related.

Therefore, I conclude that it is steak that I crave and not necessarily meat. And steak is a sum of its flavors, odors and mouthfeel sensations. The next question that now came to my mind is to know what motivates my food choice. Why would I choose a pepper steak in place of a healthier salad for example as a lunch…….