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Keto Version of our Vegan Kofta Mince mix!



One of the key advantages that our dehydrated food mixes provide is the possibility to customize them in many ways, even to prepare them as a high fat, high protein and low in carbohydrates version.

For those who would like to prepare our Vegan Mince mixes in a version that is close to a Keto calorie profile it is possible to use the following recipe in place of the recommended recipe printed on the package.

It is just as easy and only requires modifying the amount of water and oil and following the same recipe as below. We will use the Kofta recipe as an example but the same will apply for the other Vegan Mince mixes.

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Keto Version of our Vegan Gyros Flakes mix!



One of the key advantages that our dehydrated food mixes provide is the possibility to customize them in many ways, even to prepare them as a high fat, high protein and low in carbohydrates version.

For those who would like to prepare our Vegan Flakes mixes in a version that is close to a Keto calorie profile it is possible to use the following recipe in place of the recommended recipe printed on the package.

It is just as easy and only requires modifying the amount of water and oil and following the same recipe as below. We will use the Gyros recipe as an example but the same will apply for the other Vegan Flakes mixes.

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Meat or Plant?

Meat or Plant?

When having a multitude of meal options available to me why would I choose one dish in place of another? And why do I tend to repeat those same choices. I note that I make food choices multiple times daily on a regular basis and I notice that I do it very subconsciously.

It seems that it is very much based on sentiment. I choose to eat food that I feel like eating. So why do I feel like eating certain foods? I have already noted that my bodily needs tend to motivate my feelings. When I lack protein I think meat, when I lack vitamin C I think orange juice etc.

Now that I am Vegan when I need protein it does not make sense to think meat but interestingly I think avocado, nuts, beans, chocolate and similarly dense foods. But before being Vegan I would surely have thought fish, steak etc. I think the reason was mostly out of habit and taste. Basically, you can miss only what you know.

If I examine what foods I know I notice that it is almost all animal source based. A dish is almost always some animal source ingredient as a center piece surrounded by some plant-based ingredient. Vegetables are always considered as an accompaniment to some sort of animal sourced ingredient. That is why all things being equal I would choose meat in place of plant for food.

Even if I look at sandwiches it is always animal source with some vegetable. So, unless there is a conscious reason that makes me avoid meat it would never occur to me to choose a salad instead. It reminds me of Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, ‘..not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more..’

Now that I know why I would choose a steak in place of a salad for a meal I ask myself another question. If I were still an omnivore how could I make myself choose a salad in place of a steak for lunch willingly, naturally, subcounciously….

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Meat or Steak?

Meat or Steak?

Since I recently became Vegan there is still the taste of grilled meat and especially pepper steak with french fries still fresh in my memory. I became Vegan for several reasons but mainly because I felt that following a more empathetic and environment friendly life style is a good thing for me and not at all because meat had a bad taste!

I started thinking about If there was a way to have the same pleasure without eating meat. So as a first step I tried to recall the feeling in my mouth of eating a piece of grilled steak with some pepper sauce and mustard. The sensations that came most to my mind is the spicy notes of mustard and pepper covered in a creamy taste of the sauce and a salty, bitter, stiff and tender taste in the background of the meat all rounded up with the smell of grilled food.

Together I think it created what I wanted to feel when I felt like eating a pepper steak. To note I am just speaking about wanting a steak and leaving aside the fact that I wanted to eat meat as a source of low carb protein or any other nutrition-based considerations. In view of this it was easy for me to conclude that a pepper steak is a combination of various sensations. Also, when all those elements are well balanced it produces a more satisfying meal result. The reason why all pepper steaks are not born equal!

So, if I could somehow replace the piece of raw meat with some similar substance, add to it all the sensations, close my eyes and chew a mouthful of that mixture I should be able to enjoy a Vegan pepper steak. So, it seems that the piece of raw meat in the context of a grilled pepper steak is not the most important item since most of the other elements are not meat related.

Therefore, I conclude that it is steak that I crave and not necessarily meat. And steak is a sum of its flavors, odors and mouthfeel sensations. The next question that now came to my mind is to know what motivates my food choice. Why would I choose a pepper steak in place of a healthier salad for example as a lunch…….

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Meat or Protein?

Meat or Protein?

I have been asking myself this question very seriously since some time now. I need to mention that I spent most of my life being a ferocious meat eater until I became a happy and lucky Vegan recently. When I became Vegan I quickly noticed the big impact that the absence of meat in my diet had on me. I was constantly hungry and eating lots of bananas did not help much.

Since I knew that meats were very rich in protein I decided to increase my daily intake of protein by supplementing with protein shakes, bars and textured protein samples I had available. I wanted to see if it would curb my persistent hunger. Well it did, and I started to measure my daily intake in grams of protein since all the other food I ate, mostly fruits and vegetables, did not provide very significant levels. I also avoided nuts to keep from gaining too much weight.

Gradually things stabilized and by consuming 150 grams of plant protein per day I was feeling very much like my former ferocious self. This led me to start thinking about how much of the meat I used to eat was for the meat and how much of it was for the protein in the meat.

Over time I observed that the relationship is very close and when for some reason I was not getting my 150 grams daily I was starting to feel hungry all the time and since high protein vegan foods are not easily available when outside I was turning to nuts and bread and other low in protein foods which was having an energy draining effect on me.

So, my conclusion is that in my case much of the craving for meat was a craving for protein in disguise. But it cannot be that simple, so I started to look further for other factors that could explain why I used to crave a crispy, juicy, grilled, greasy and seasoned piece of meat……

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Protein rich vegan sweets to reduce meat consumption!

At Life Loving Foods we have decided to take on a major challenge and to innovate by producing high in protein and fiber, healthy, vegan versions of popular desserts such as Chocolate Chip Cookies.

We have based our choice on a number of established health recommendations and considerations.

First of all protein takes longer to digest than other nutrients such as fat and carbohydrates. This means that it provides a longer feeling of satiety since the stomach retains it longer. In addition to that the fiber absorbs humidity and expands creating a full stomach feeling as well.
This combination of digestive elements recreates a similar effect to that of eating meats.

Protein is also considered useful in helping to maintain low body weight since it raises the metabolism in addition to the extended feeling of satiety.

Protein intake is needed to maintain muscle tissue regeneration, especially in teenagers and athletes. It also benefits adults by helping them maintain a higher muscle mass proportion in their bodies.

For the above reasons and others, protein is a very desirable nutrient and the main traditional source for it is meats and animal products. Vegetables are not as highly concentrated in protein and extracted versions which are high in protein are not easy to consume since they are powders or granules.

Much progress has been made in developing meat substitutes for animal proteins but it is still difficult to reach high levels. So we have decided to support our rich in protein meals with rich in protein desserts as well and make it possible to have a tasty, affordable and rich in protein daily food supply. In addition to that rich in protein desserts are universally desirable and easy to consume.

We feel it is a step in the right direction in helping to reduce meat consumption in the world and to reduce cruelty. And it also reduces pollution and improves health.

Rich in Protein – Be Strong Be Vegan !

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Becoming Vegan is one of the most important decisions i have made in my life. It was the start of an ongoing transformation outside and inside of myself.

On the outside i have a better complexion, feel more energetic and have less stomach upsets.

On the inside i feel happier, more content and more secure. I also feel more tolerant, more appreciated and more modest. For some of those feelings i have some analytical thoughts to share but not yet for all.

I feel more content because i do not require as much food quantity or variety to satisfy my needs.

I feel more secure because by striving to not harm other beings i feel that i will not be harmed as well.

I feel more modest because i realize that a less developed creature has similar rights to mine and must be respected.

I feel more tolerant because i have made note of the many years during which i was unconsciously causing pain and suffering, realizing that others are probably also not aware of their misconceived behavior.

These are but a very few of the priceless benefits that i mention and there are many more as well and certainly many more to come…..


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Why Life Loving Foods?

Because we try to make foods that manifest a love of life by being made of ingredients that avoid any harm or oppression to animals and that at the same time attempt to be as sustainable as possible. That is our mission and we try to apply it at every step of the process of our food products.

We select highly nutritious ingredients so that even reasonable quantities can sustain our bodies in a balanced manner and we make them as delicious as possible and choose them to be versions of the most loved food items. We also try to make them rich enough with proteins and nutrients so that they can extend the feeling of being satiated thus reducing the need for extra food which in turn makes us healthier and more productive. It also lowers the need for food production preserving our environment and making food more available for all.

Food that essentially feeds and is good for our bodies, our souls and the rest of our World !

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Vegan Cookies Chocolate Chip Style !

Our Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies are very easy to make from our instant stir and bake mix. Our Vegan Cookies are not only made to be delicious and easy to make but also to be highly nutritious.

We believe that food should serve as many good purposes as possible and therefore we try to make our recipes with as many high quality and high value ingredients as possible. For that purpose our Vegan Cookies are made with a mix of protein rich flours that provide them with a very healthy mix of amino acids and fibers.

So to make our Vegan Cookies Chocolate Chip style please follow the below procedure:

Preheat the oven to 130°C / 260° F
Pour the contents of the pouch into a bowl and add 85ml (3oz) cold water and 85ml (3oz) vegetable oil.
Mix well until the ingredients come togeher as dough.
Shape into balls and place on an oven dish covered with oven paper.
Flatten to 1cm and bake for 15-20 minutes. Remove and allow to cool.

Enjoy them alone or with a glass of Coconut, Almond, Rice or other drink.